How to get rid of a runny nose in 1 day

How to get rid of a runny nose in 1 day - the most effective methods and tips

Literally every person has encountered a runny nose, or, as it is referred to in medical terminology, rhinitis. This is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which is rarely an independent phenomenon, but most often accompanies colds and other diseases.

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The nose is the first segment of the respiratory tract through which air inhaled by a person passes. The nasal mucosa protects the respiratory tract from various adverse factors, cleans the inhaled air and moisturizes it. The inside of the nose is covered with small blood vessels and the blood that flows through them gives off some of its heat, thus warming the inhaled air.

Causes of a runny nose

Features of development and types of runny nose

Traditionally, runny nose (or rhinitis) is divided into two types:

An infectious runny nose appears as a result of an infection entering the human body, which causes inflammation of the mucous membrane. Every day, thousands of microbes settle on the nasal mucosa, but most of them are harmless.

However, there are also pathogenic (bacteria or viruses) microbes that provoke the disease. Once on the mucous membrane, viruses penetrate inside the cells and begin to actively multiply there for 2-3 days, after which the work of the mucosal cells is disrupted, and the person’s general condition worsens.

A feeling of fatigue, headache appears, the person feels lethargic, and the temperature rises.

An allergic runny nose occurs due to the influence of any allergen on the body, it can be flowers, dust, animal hair and many other allergens that surround us everywhere.

These are the two main causes of a runny nose, but besides them, there are a number of others that can also cause excessive nasal discharge:
  • congenital abnormalities (for example, a deviated nasal septum or abnormal facial structure of the skull)
  • injuries causing deformity
  • side effect of drugs
  • too long-term use of vasoconstrictor drops (4-6 days), which are addictive
  • adenoids
  • the occurrence of nasal polyps (benign growths of the mucous membrane that interfere with normal air flow)
  • symptom of serious internal illness

Despite the fact that there are many different causes, most often a runny nose appears as an accompaniment of a common cold. However, walking around with a “sniffing nose” is not very pleasant, so it is urgent to take care of his treatment.

Drug treatment

Effective ways to treat a runny nose

To quickly cure a runny nose, you need to start treatment at the earliest stage. When the disease just begins, headache and weakness appear. The nose loses its olfactory function, it becomes difficult to breathe, and a thin, clear discharge appears, which in later stages becomes thicker and yellowish in color.

If you want to cure a runny nose in one day, it is important to catch this very initial stage and immediately begin to take action.

To quickly and effectively cure a runny nose, you should not neglect various medications aimed at eliminating this problem:

  • vasoconstrictor drops, differing in the period of action - four, eight or twelve hours (Otrivin, Galazolin, Nazol, Nazivin)
  • drops containing antibiotics (should only be used when the nasal discharge has already taken on a greenish tint), for example, Isofra
  • antipyretics that relieve nasal swelling - Paracetamol
  • sprays with essential oils – Pinosol, Kameton
  • nasal rinsing preparations – Aqualor, Aqua Maris
  • antihistamines (if the runny nose is allergic) - Suprastin, Claritin

But you should not overdo it with medications, because many of them are addictive and, with prolonged use, not only stop helping, but can also cause even more profuse flow from the nose. This is especially true for vasoconstrictor drugs for the nose.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine recipes against runny nose

For anyone who is skeptical about everything that can be purchased at the pharmacy, traditional methods of treatment come to the rescue, which are no less effective than medications.

If you only have one day to treat a runny nose, then it is better to spend it in complete rest. Get enough sleep and rest well, since a runny nose is the first signal of the onset of a cold, and in order to avoid it, it is very important to restore strength and the nervous system during a good sleep.

Mustard bath

At the first signs of illness, to quickly eliminate symptoms and prevent illness, take a mustard bath. To do this, dilute a gram of mustard powder in a small container with warm (not boiling water!) water, and then take a hot bath and add the mixture to it, stirring thoroughly.

Plunge into hot water with mustard up to your chest and sit in the bath for no more than 5-7 minutes.

Afterwards, take a hot shower, dress warmly and immediately go to a warm bed, carefully wrapped in a blanket. Mustard gives an amazing relaxing effect and after such a procedure you will most likely fall asleep and sweat a lot, so a positive result will not be long in coming.

But remember that such a procedure can only be carried out at the very early stage of the disease, when the temperature has not yet risen.

Nasal rinsing

This is another very effective procedure that can be done at home to get rid of a runny nose as quickly as possible. During rinsing, the healing fluid passes through the nasal passages, clearing them of excess mucus and bacteria.

How to rinse your nose:

  • special solutions sold in pharmacies
  • saline solution
  • infusions of medicinal herbs

To rinse your nose, you can use a regular syringe, after removing the needle from it. The simplest solution is saline. To prepare it, take 2 tablespoons of sea salt and dissolve it in a glass of warm water and periodically rinse your nose with the resulting solution throughout the day. If you don't have sea salt, you can replace it with a teaspoon of regular salt accompanied by a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of iodine. You can also safely rinse your nose with this solution.

An effective solution can also be prepared by adding a teaspoon of eucalyptus or calendula tincture to a glass of warm water.

Herbal decoctions, such as chamomile flowers, can also help with a runny nose. Add three teaspoons of flowers to 0.5 liters of boiling water, boil for five minutes, let cool and use. You can also take mixtures of different herbs.

Video about how to get rid of a runny nose in 1 day.

Beetroot juice is also famous for its effectiveness in fighting the common cold. Add a couple of teaspoons of honey to a glass of juice, and then dilute with a glass of water. Rinse your nose with this solution 2-3 times a day, then blow your nose thoroughly. A couple of hours after the procedure, rinse your nose with clean water.

Onion against runny nose

Onion recipes for treating disease

One of the best remedies for a runny nose is onions. You can use soft onion films by simply placing them in the nostrils at a shallow depth and changing them every two hours.

Onions can also be used to make nasal drops. To do this, you need to grate it and squeeze the pulp through cheesecloth to get only pure juice. You can also squeeze onion juice using a juicer. The juice is dropped into the nose several times a day.

Onions with honey will also quickly save you from a runny nose:

  • Make three tablespoons of onion pulp and mix it with 50 ml of water, and then add a teaspoon of honey.
  • Let it sit for half an hour and drip 4-5 times a day.

Warming up the nose

Boil two eggs and wait until they are cool enough to handle. Or wrap hot eggs in a cloth and place them on both sides of your nose in the sinus area. Keep the eggs until they are completely cool. Instead of eggs, you can also take salt heated in a frying pan, put it in small bags and apply it in the same way on both sides of the nose. However, you can use this method only if you know that you do not have sinusitis, sinusitis, or sinusitis. In this case, it is better to just warm your feet thoroughly.

A runny nose can be cured in one day, but it is very important to remember that the sooner you start treatment, the faster and easier it will be to get rid of a runny nose.

There are a huge number of various methods, both medicinal and traditional, and these are the most reliable and proven of them, which will definitely lead you to success in the fight against the disease.

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Comments (9)

08/27/2016 at 23:16 | #

I don’t know if it’s possible to get rid of a runny nose in a day; it takes me two to three days to heal. I rinse my nose with salt water and breathe in garlic. If it doesn’t help, I buy special drops at the pharmacy.


09.21.2016 at 18:54 | #

I once instilled a beetroot solution and it doesn’t help, and the vasoconstrictors are addictive. The best thing, I concluded, is to rinse your nose with sea water. We take Morenasal spray based on calcined sea salt, it cleanses the nose well and is natural. And my son drinks it himself, he likes the packaging with the red beacon.


03/19/2017 at 08:43 | #

The beetroot solution mentioned here should be used for washing. And for instillation into the nose, you need to add 1/3 of a spoonful of honey to a tablespoon of beetroot juice. Mix and drop 3-4 drops into each nostril. Lie down for 5 minutes, blow your nose. Repeat until your nose is clear.


01/17/2017 at 06:57 | #

I can’t put anything in my nose at all, so I take Corizalia tablets for a runny nose, they help a lot. The composition is natural and does not spoil the nasal mucosa, and most importantly, is not addictive.

06/13/2017 at 23:15 | #

In one day, this is of course a controversial point) If only the symptoms are relieved. I took more nasal spray for a runny nose. Very convenient and with a dispenser. It effectively copes with a runny nose, and most importantly it is safe and there is no risk of developing otitis media.


12/10/2017 at 12:31 pm | #

Mint and thyme are super cold remedies! True, the mint is a little bitter and the child may not like it, mine likes it when I stick on the Nozzle - it immediately lies down and inhales))


02/27/2018 at 03:47 | #

If I start sniffling, I immediately understand that I have a cold, and in order not to get sick further, I start treatment with antiviral drugs. By the way, the last time I took Ingavirin. Cool capsules. I started taking them and it became easier, and after a few days I was completely healthy, all the symptoms went away.


03/19/2018 at 16:34 | #

exactly how many days have passed?


03/20/2018 at 10:46 | #

the article is useful)) To quickly heal, I heat bags of salt and place them on the maxillary sinuses for half an hour, spray Aquamaster into my nose to rinse, if there is no temperature, then I take warm baths or do steam inhalations. This is how I cope))

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How to quickly get rid of a runny nose using folk remedies?

A runny nose is a fairly common disease, especially in the cold season. This disease is neither dangerous nor unpleasant. Rhinitis often causes a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. To quickly get in shape and cure a runny nose in one day, just turn to traditional medicine recipes. It is possible to cure a runny nose with folk remedies in one day.

Ways to quickly get rid of a runny nose using folk remedies

1. Rinsing the nasopharynx. This is one of the most common and fastest-acting methods of treating rhinitis. To carry out this procedure, you need to make a saline solution (1 teaspoon of salt per 1 glass of warm boiled water), scoop the liquid into your palms and draw in through your nostrils alternately. Immediately after this, you need to clear your nose (blow your nose). The healing properties of the solution can be enhanced by adding a few drops of alcohol tincture of calendula, propolis or eucalyptus to it. Instead of saline solution to treat a runny nose at home, you can use beetroot juice (0.5 tsp per 1 glass of water). This folk recipe for a runny nose is very effective for its prevention.

2. Using mustard. You can quickly get rid of a runny nose by spreading mustard on the inside of your nose. This method is effective both in the first hours of the onset of the disease and several hours after that. Mustard can be replaced with a softer, but no less effective remedy - laundry soap.

You can use mustard for a runny nose in another way. If you have a runny nose, you should put mustard plasters or dry mustard on the soles of your feet and put on warm socks. This method is especially effective if you do not remove the mustard for hours.

A good remedy for treating a runny nose is hot foot baths with mustard. They should be done before bed.

3. Foot massage using alcohol or turpentine (can be replaced with turpentine ointment). It is done at night, after which you put warm socks on your feet and go to bed. For better results, you can place a warm heating pad on your feet. It’s good if the patient sweats after this procedure. After half an hour, do not forget to change the patient’s clothes to dry ones.

4. Warming up the nose. This method is very effective and helps get rid of a runny nose in one day. In the first hours after the onset of unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to warm the nose using a blue lamp or chicken eggs, which must be hard-boiled and applied to the area of ​​the wings of the nose for a minute. After the procedure, the heated area should be covered with a towel to keep it warm for as long as possible.

5. Using onions. One of the most effective remedies for a runny nose is onion lotions. For this procedure, you need to grate the onion on a fine grater, wrap it in gauze and place it on the wings of the nose. To prevent fumes from getting into your eyes, cover the top of the lotion with a cloth. Keep the compress for 15 minutes. You can get rid of a runny nose in one day if you do this procedure 3-4 times over 12 hours.

Onion vapor also has an excellent effect on rhinitis. It is necessary to finely chop the onion and put it in a jar with a tight lid. After a few minutes, you can begin treatment: inhale onion vapor every half hour and then you can cure a runny nose in one day.

How to prevent a runny nose?

To prevent manifestations of the disease, you should dress according to the weather, avoid drafts and take care of your immunity.


How to treat a runny nose at home in one day

Constant nasal discharge, congestion, itching and sneezing are symptoms of a runny nose. The etiology of this disease is different, most often rhinitis occurs due to hypothermia, influenza, and various viral infections. People seeking to find a way to quickly cure a runny nose at home in one day offer their own folk methods. But they are not suitable for every runny nose; for example, getting rid of vasomotor rhinitis or sinusitis is possible only after long-term therapy.

A runny nose can be either an independent disease or a symptom of an illness, for example, influenza, ARVI. Vasomotor rhinitis and allergic rhinitis are chronic diseases that cannot be quickly cured.

  • It is very difficult to cure an allergic runny nose completely; you can alleviate the condition by eliminating the allergen; sedatives, such as Suprastin, Tavegil, will also help. In severe cases of the disease, corticosteroids and their analogs are used in the form of a spray, but only as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Vasomotor rhinitis is a chronic disease that periodically bothers a person after hypothermia. Blood circulation in the nasal mucosa is impaired, the patient constantly sneezes, feels itching and nasal congestion. Vasomotor rhinitis is treated comprehensively, sometimes you have to seek help from a surgeon.
  • Chronic rhinitis occurs if a runny nose resulting from an infection has not been completely cured; worse, its complications: sinusitis, adenoiditis, which will not go away without antibiotic therapy or surgery.

A runny nose that occurs after hypothermia can be treated much faster, but is this possible in 1 day? Let's try to figure it out.

Effective ways to treat a runny nose

Unfortunately, few people have managed to avoid a runny nose; everyone suffers from this illness several times a year. Everyone hopes to find an effective remedy for runny nose and nasal congestion that would work quickly, but not everyone can get rid of it in 1 day.

Pharmacies mainly offer vasoconstrictor drugs, which are credited with a magical healing effect. Unfortunately, this is not the case; vasoconstrictors do not cure the disease at all, but only help ease breathing. Moreover, these drops and sprays are addictive, and after several days of taking them, drug-induced rhinitis may develop. Therefore, many otolaryngologists do not recommend using vasoconstrictor drugs to treat rhinitis.

Folk remedies that are considered effective by many people will help you get rid of a runny nose at home.

Nasal rinsing

Treatment of a runny nose always begins with rinsing the nose; during this procedure, the canals are cleaned, the mucus is washed away, and along with it the microbes that cause this disease. Rinsing is an effective way not only to relieve nasal congestion at home, but also a good preventive measure against viral infections. After all, as you know, all viruses enter the body through inhalation. Suitable for rinsing the nose:

  • salt solution;
  • saline;
  • still mineral water;
  • Chamomile decoction, which relieves inflammation well:
  • calendula decoction.

Ready-made saline solutions can be purchased at the pharmacy; mixtures prepared independently are also suitable. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. To rinse your nose, you can take a rubber bulb or a teapot with a spout. The solution should be poured into one of the nasal passages, while tilting your head over the sink so that the liquid flows out of the other. If this procedure is done every hour on the first day of illness, then it is quite possible to quickly recover at home.

Warming up

Dry heat to the sinus area will help relieve congestion and speed up recovery. You can add a boiled egg while it is still hot or salt, previously heated in a frying pan. Salt is placed in a canvas bag and applied to the sinus area. You need to act as soon as the first signs of the disease appear. Warming up should not be done at elevated body temperatures.


Treatment of a runny nose in both adults and children can be carried out using inhalations. To carry out this procedure, you can use a wet inhaler, into which hot water is poured and oils or solutions are placed on top. You can breathe in decoctions:

Experts who advise how to get rid of a runny nose recommend doing inhalations with essential oils:

A nebulizer that sprays a fine mixture is also suitable. Mineral water or saline solution is poured into it. The nasal mucosa and respiratory tract are moistened, which speeds up recovery and is a good preventive measure against infectious diseases.

You can chop onions and garlic and place them around the room - not only the patient, but also all members of his family will inhale their smell, which will help avoid the spread of infection.

Foot baths

Foot baths are effective at the beginning of the disease. It's better to do them at night. Hot water is poured into a basin and salt is diluted in it, the concentration is arbitrary. After the salt bath, it is advisable to rub your feet well with a towel and massage them, then put on warm woolen socks. You can put dry mustard in your socks. After a bath, many immediately feel that nasal breathing has been restored, getting rid of congestion, they sleep all night, and in the morning there is no trace of a runny nose.


Even if there is no sore throat during a runny nose, it is recommended to gargle, otherwise the disease may spread. You can use herbal decoctions or add their infusion or oil purchased at the pharmacy to boiled water. Herbs used:

The drug Rotokan helps relieve inflammation. It is recommended to dissolve 1 teaspoon of this product in a glass of water and gargle. To ensure the effectiveness of the rinse, it is better to alternate. Solutions used:

To quickly get rid of a cold, you need to gargle every 2 hours.

Massage of the maxillary sinuses will help relieve nasal congestion and speed up the process of mucus drainage from the nose. Use your index finger to press into the area of ​​the maxillary sinus and massage in a circular motion, first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Mustard plasters

For a runny nose, mustard plasters are placed on the heels and shins. It is advisable to wait as long as possible. After removing the mustard plasters, put warm socks on your feet and walk around the room at a brisk pace to disperse the blood. It is better to do this procedure at night.

Folk remedies

Many grandmothers know how to treat a runny nose using folk remedies, which are very effective and will help get rid of the disease quickly and without complications.

  • Juice from fresh Kalanchoe leaves quickly relieves nasal congestion. To extract juice from a plant, simply crush it. The juice is instilled into the nasal passages every 2 hours; if during the first procedure a strong burning sensation is felt, you can further dilute the Kalanchoe with boiled water.
  • Many people recommend using onions to get rid of a runny nose, but everyone has their own methods of treatment. Some people advise inserting onion pieces into the nose, others bury its juice. Doctors are against such treatment. The fact is that you cannot insert anything into your nose; when you inhale, the object can get into the respiratory tract and get stuck there, and onion juice in its pure form can burn the mucous membrane. It is much better to do onion inhalations; to do this, you need to grate the onion and put this pulp in gauze. Bring it to your nose and inhale. Onions have an antimicrobial effect and make breathing easier.
  • Honey and propolis are good for curing a runny nose. Liquid honey is diluted 1:1 with water and dropped into the nose. You can apply honey to a cotton swab and place it in your nose. Propolis tincture will help stop the inflammatory process; many even use it to treat sinusitis. You can prepare an alcoholic tincture of propolis yourself or buy it ready-made at a pharmacy. It needs to be diluted with water, like honey, and dropped into the nose. Treatment of a runny nose with honey and propolis is contraindicated for people with allergies to bee products.
  • An iodine network is drawn on the wings of the nose and in the sinuses. This procedure will help get rid of congestion in the sinuses and relieve inflammation.
  • To treat a runny nose, chamomile decoction is used, and it can be taken both internally and externally. Chamomile tea is a good anti-inflammatory remedy; when you have a runny nose, drink it hot, and wash your sinuses with a warm decoction.

There are many ways to get rid of a runny nose, the main thing here is not to be lazy and follow the instructions. Don’t forget about vitamins and rest, because the body needs strength to recover quickly. Fruit drinks made from fresh or frozen berries are the best natural vitamin complex, and restful and sound sleep is the best way to treat any disease.

It’s better not to let a runny nose get worse. I usually immediately do foot baths with mustard and regularly spray my nose with AquaMaster; it is based on sea water and washes away infected mucus and acts as an antiseptic. If you do it often, you won’t have to buy a ton of medications.


How to quickly cure a runny nose at home in one day

A cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat. It has been established that over the course of a year, almost every person experiences from two to four similar episodes.

Symptoms of a cold, which usually appear three days after the virus enters the bloodstream, include a runny nose, cough, nasal congestion, hoarseness, irritation in the throat, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches of varying intensity, body aches, weakness, and fever.

Treatment has two goals: to reduce the manifestations of intoxication and to help the body fight pathogens. Considering poor health, general discomfort, as well as reluctance to visit the clinic, this is understandable. Therefore, many people ask the question - how to quickly cure a runny nose at home in one day?

How can you not treat a runny nose? How can you harm your health?

Guided by the idea of ​​a speedy recovery, many patients use all the methods known to them. In the process of self-medication, it is possible that there is a conscious deviation from the norm - be it in terms of the dosage of medications taken or the frequency of repetitions of treatment measures.

In other words, in an effort to speed up the improvement of well-being, treatment procedures are carried out more often than required by the stage of the disease, or medications are taken in a dose that exceeds the permissible norm. Of course, you cannot independently adjust the treatment program without informing the attending physician.

Understanding that a runny nose is a manifestation of a pathological process in the body, it is necessary to establish which category of microorganisms caused this condition. After all, it is known that swelling of the nasal mucosa can be caused not only by a virus, but also by an allergic nature.

For several reasons, you cannot begin treatment with antibiotics: firstly, antimicrobial agents are irrelevant when the onset of the disease is caused by viruses or allergens. Secondly, drugs of this pharmacological group require a certain systematic administration, and any deviation from the prescribed course can have a detrimental effect on the body.

Consequently, when carrying out treatment, it is necessary to be in a medical institution, so the option of home treatment is excluded from the very beginning.

A prerequisite for successful treatment of a runny nose is the use of disposable handkerchiefs, since fabric ones contribute to the accumulation of a pathogenic environment.

How can you cure a runny nose?

In terms of its effect and composition, this product can be compared with the drug “Aqualor,” which is commercially available: it is absolutely safe for the child’s body and is an effective remedy against colds.

We have outlined in detail in this article how to properly rinse your nose and what rules to follow.

  • Mix half a teaspoon of kitchen salt in two glasses of distilled warm water.
  • Using a pipette, apply a few drops of the solution into each nostril after tilting your head back.
  • Gently draw the solution deeper into your nasal passages, then blow your nose to remove mucus and excess solution.
  • Do this several times and you will soon feel relief.

Inhalation with a nebulizer for a runny nose This is an excellent way to eliminate a runny nose, even in one day of proper execution. Therefore, for home use, it is advisable to purchase a nebulizer - a special device with which the procedure of inhaling the fumes of a medicinal product is carried out.

Indications for inhalation are the same for both adults and children - there are no age restrictions. Using a nebulizer is not at all difficult: the ability to motivate a child is much more difficult, since not every child can be assiduous for 15 minutes.

The design of the nebulizer requires the presence of a special reservoir - it is this that is filled with the product with which they plan to eliminate a runny nose. Adding essential oils of cedar, lemon or lavender to the warm water of the inhaler will calm the nasal passages, unclogging them of pathogenic mucus.

Inhaling the vapors of menthol oil not only provides relief from nasal congestion, but also prevents the development of infectious complications such as sinusitis.

Extracts of rosemary, thyme, basil and tea tree have a very effective effect in the fight against runny nose. However, be careful, there are contraindications for asthma, since aromatherapy can provoke the development of an attack and bronchospasm.

How to quickly cure a runny nose in an adult?

Unlike a child, eliminating a runny nose in an adult is naturally easier, and it’s not a matter of perseverance: many medicinal components are, for obvious reasons, prohibited for treating diseases of the child’s body. A runny nose in an adult can be cured in just one day thanks to aloe juice. For 1 tbsp. a spoonful of the juice of the leaves of this plant, add 5 drops of glycerin, then mix all the ingredients.

We moisten the resulting mixture with cotton or gauze swabs, then place them in both nostrils and place them on a pillow. Place a warm bag of sea salt on the bridge of your nose with 1 warm boiled egg on both sides. This procedure lasts 15 minutes and does not require rinsing with water.

It is important to arrange the atmosphere of the room in such a way that the air in the room is not dry - in this case, any efforts aimed at a quick recovery will be in vain. It is also important to regulate the body's water balance by drinking up to 2 liters of liquid. The maximum health benefits will come from warm drinks in the form of herbal infusions with the addition of lemon.

How to cure a runny nose with folk remedies

A runny nose itself is not a disease, but a manifestation of a more serious pathological process developing in the body. Of course, a cold runny nose and one caused by an exacerbation of allergies are significantly different, and therefore the drug treatment for these two symptoms is different. But you can use an alternative option - traditional medicine recipes, which are based on the idea of ​​​​using natural ingredients.

Ginger. Is an excellent antioxidant; In addition, it has a broad spectrum of antiviral and antifungal effects, which helps provide quick relief from various runny nose symptoms.

Tea made from the root of this plant is popular. It is necessary to cut it into thin slices, put it in a container of water and boil for some time. Add a little honey to soften the specific taste and drink tea four times a day. You can also perform steam baths using ginger powder: to do this, dissolve two tablespoons of dry root extract in two glasses of water and inhale the steam for half an hour. Garlic. It is widely known for its strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties, the use of which is necessary for the treatment of runny nose. To get the maximum benefit from the beneficial properties of this plant, you need to consume it in chopped or crushed form. It is not recommended to subject it to culinary processing, since only under this condition will the optimal amount of allicin, the main component of garlic, be preserved.

Chewing a small piece of garlic 3-4 times a day will “warm up” the body, getting rid of nasal congestion. Despite its many beneficial properties, it has some possible side effects, so it is not always safe.

The most common ones are the following:

  • dizziness;
  • sweating;
  • headache;
  • fever, chills;
  • in large quantities may cause irritation of the oral mucosa or lead to digestive upset.

Garlic supplements should be avoided by people with bleeding disorders; have recently undergone surgery; undergoing treatment that is aimed at thinning the blood (Warfarin, Coumadin) or using supplements that can affect the clotting ability of red blood cells - for example, vitamin E or Gingko Biloba. Garlic can also lower blood glucose levels and increase insulin release, so it should be used with caution by diabetics. People with allergies to plants in the lily family should avoid consuming raw garlic.

It has long been known that garlic is a natural antibiotic, so it is understandable that drops made from the juice of this plant very quickly relieve a runny nose.

To prepare the drops you will need a small clove of garlic, 1 tbsp. spoon of vegetable oil, 100 ml of water.

  • Chop the garlic with a knife or use a fine grater; Pour boiling water over the resulting puree and let it brew for 1 hour.
  • Next, strain the resulting solution, adding oil.
  • Instill the healing solution three times a day, dosing drops for each respiratory channel, and after 6 hours there will be no trace of your runny nose.

Kalanchoe is an effective remedy for the common cold

If you have a Kalanchoe flower growing on your windowsill, consider yourself very lucky. It is used to ease breathing and...

How to treat a runny nose in pregnant women?

Since remedies that instantly heal any other person can negatively affect the body of a pregnant woman, it is necessary to begin treatment only after visiting a doctor.

You can help yourself at home by rinsing your nose with saline solution - this is the only safe method. During treatment, pregnant women should avoid consuming garlic as it may increase the risk of bleeding. Treatment of a runny nose during pregnancy should be comprehensive and include drugs and remedies that in no way should negatively affect the development of the fetus.

Medicines for the common cold

  • Aquamaris is a saline solution, the use of which is approved by pediatricians from the first day of a baby’s life.
  • Rinoxyl is an effective nasal spray with a pleasant smell.
  • Pinosol - drops for a runny nose with complex action; moisturize the mucous membrane and contain natural ingredients (including vitamin E).
  • Rinofluimucil is a vasoconstrictor spray, the use of which should not exceed 5 days.

Among other things, it is important to blow your nose correctly so that such a seemingly harmless runny nose does not cause serious complications.

How to quickly cure a runny nose: video

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A long time ago I tried dripping beet juice, it bakes. It’s good that my sister advised me to rinse my nose with AquaMaster spray. This is a saline solution, it can be used by everyone, including children over one year old. It thins mucus well when you already have a runny nose, washes away bacteria and perfectly moisturizes the mucous membrane. I will continue to use it, the product is good.

Katya, what is the pressure of this spray? The child is 2 years old, but I avoid sprays that are sprayed under high pressure. It can cause harm, it seems to me.

Sofia, Don’t worry, Aquamaster doesn’t have much pressure. I would say that he even sprays. It washes off very delicately. My daughter is 2.5 years old and I wash it for her without any problems.

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How to quickly get rid of a runny nose using folk remedies

Everyone has experienced a runny nose, the appearance of which is preceded by hypothermia, a cold, or the penetration of a virus into the body. At first glance, the disease seems harmless. In any case, it is useful to know how to quickly get rid of a runny nose using folk remedies at home.

For some people, a runny nose ends quickly without the use of medication, while for others it develops into chronic sinusitis. Fortunately, folk remedies help even people who are not recommended to take medications.

If you put off treating a runny nose for a long time, it will become a source of discomfort. We are talking about difficulty breathing, discharge that causes discomfort, poor sleep due to nasal congestion.

If a runny nose starts or is not treated, it will turn into sinusitis - a more serious disease, the treatment of which involves the use of antibiotics.

Effective folk remedies

Start fighting a runny nose from the moment dryness, itching or burning appears in the nose. At this stage it is easiest to get rid of. Using advice and time-tested folk remedies, quickly restore your health without harming your body.

  • Warm up your body. A hot bath based on medicinal herbs, including sage, mint and eucalyptus, will help. The oils contained in plants have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane and strengthen the immune system. It is a good idea to add sea salt to your bath.
  • Foot baths based on mustard powder. Carry out the procedure before going to bed. Before heading to bed, be sure to put on warm socks.
  • Eggs and potatoes. Traditional medicine allows you to cope with a runny nose at no cost. Apply boiled eggs or boiled potatoes in their jackets to the sinuses of the nose. Do this several times throughout the day.
  • Nasal rinsing and inhalation. Calendula flowers, pine buds, raspberry leaves and essential oils are suitable for inhalation. For inhalation, boil three liters of water, add six tablespoons of pine buds to the boiling water, keep the broth under the lid and carry out the procedure. Bend over the bowl with the broth and breathe in the steam.
  • Essential oils . Oil from eucalyptus, St. John's wort or oregano is used to combat a runny nose. Add a few drops of oil to hot water and inhale the vapors.
  • Vegetable oil . Heat the oil in a glass container. As a result, harmful substances will evaporate from the oil. Then add four cloves of garlic and a chopped quarter of an onion to the cooled oil. After three hours, strain the oil rich in beneficial substances and use it to lubricate your nose.
  • Aloe. A universal remedy for runny nose. Squeeze the juice from the plant leaf and use it as a nasal drop. If a child has a runny nose, dilute aloe juice slightly with water.
  • Honey Honey, which I recommend mixing with the juice of the plant, helps increase the effectiveness of treatment using aloe. Mix warm water, honey and juice in equal proportions and wait until the yellow component dissolves. Apply the product to your nose.

The folk recipes and methods that I shared will come to the rescue at any time of the year. If you keep them at hand, the disease will not take you by surprise.

The listed methods will help you save money, because the cost of pharmaceutical drugs cannot be called affordable. Fighting a runny nose using traditional methods is the best treatment option, since the remedies that I suggest using are safe for the body and do not cause side effects.

How to cure a runny nose at home in 1 day

There are many ways to combat a runny nose. Some involve the use of purchased medications, others are based on folk remedies. Since there is not always a suitable drug in the medicine cabinet, let’s talk about the methods of treating a runny nose offered by traditional medicine.

The speed of complete recovery depends on the conditions in which the patient is located. We are talking about cool air, moderate humidity, drinking plenty of fluids and ventilating the room. Following the steps listed above will help bring your breathing back to normal.

  1. Nasal rinsing. The procedure is unpleasant, but effective. Rinse your nose three times a day using a sea salt solution. Dissolve a teaspoon of the substance in a glass of water. Suck the solution into one nostril and pour it out through the other nostril or mouth. Finally, blow your nose thoroughly.
  2. Laundry soap . While washing your face, wash your nose with laundry soap. This is an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic remedy.
  3. Onion compresses. Pass the onion through a grater, and place the resulting onion mass on a wet napkin. Apply the compress to your nose for fifteen minutes, covering it with warm material. Repeat the procedure after 4-5 hours.
  4. Foot baths. Take a kettle, boil water and pour it into a basin. After the liquid has cooled to a temperature of 50 degrees, carefully lower your feet into the water and hold for fifteen minutes. After the procedure, dry your feet thoroughly and put on socks. Remember, it is forbidden to steam your feet at high temperatures, as this will only cause harm.
  5. Aloe juice. To prepare, take an aloe leaf, rinse, cut lengthwise and squeeze out the juice. Dilute the resulting liquid with water and mix. Using a pipette, apply the product to your nose. I recommend storing the medicine in the refrigerator in an opaque glass container.

People suffer from a runny nose for about five days on average; it is not possible to completely cure a runny nose in one day, you can only improve your well-being.

Treatment of a runny nose in a child with folk remedies

The list of childhood diseases is extensive, and one of the leading positions is occupied by the runny nose. The disease occurs frequently in children of all ages. Parents, observing the torment of their child, try to quickly eliminate the causes and symptoms of the disease.

The step-by-step instructions that I will share include the use of folk remedies, and the treatment procedure is safe for the child.

  • Garlic and sea salt. At the initial stage of the disease, hang a bag of crushed garlic over the baby’s bed or sofa, which will repel germs. Prepare a sterile solution based on sea salt and use a pipette to drip into your nose. This will speed up the release of mucus from the nasal passage.
  • Regular nasal rinsing. This will help keep your nose clean and help quickly eliminate the disease. If the child has difficulty breathing or swelling of the nasal cavity, use vasoconstrictor drops.
  • Suctioning mucus. From time to time, use a bulb to suck out the mucus from the child's nose. The method is especially effective in the case of children who are unable to blow their nose on their own. Once you have finished cleaning your nose, apply the drops.
  • Cleaning and tea. In the room where the child is located, constantly do wet cleaning followed by ventilation. Give your baby warm tea regularly to restore fluid balance in the body. If purulent mucus appears in the nasal passages, use Protargol drops.
  • Inhalations and pillow. Before going to bed, raise your child's pillow slightly. As a result, the head will be in a position that makes breathing easier. Before this, make inhalations based on the “star” and cover the baby with a warm blanket.
  • Aloe. Aloe also helps to cope with children's runny nose. Dilute the squeezed juice of the plant with water, and drip the resulting solution into both nostrils. For one part aloe juice, take ten parts boiled water.
  • Infusions of medicinal herbs. It is recommended to rinse the nose of a child with a runny nose with an infusion of sage, chamomile, plantain or calendula. Add eucalyptus, peach or sea buckthorn oil to the herbal infusion. The herbs are infused in a glass of boiling water, and after cooling, used to rinse the nose.
  • Evening baths before bed. The procedure will require an infusion of pine needles and birch leaves. Pour two liters of water into a saucepan, add a spoonful of each component, boil for five minutes, and after steeping for an hour, pour into a bowl and dilute to a temperature of 40 degrees. The duration of the procedure is twenty minutes. Afterwards, put the baby to bed.

Carefully monitor your children's health and prevent them from getting sick. The main thing is that the child is dressed according to the weather, does not drink cold water and does not feel hungry.

How to cure a runny nose during pregnancy

Every person on the planet understands that the use of most medications during pregnancy is contraindicated. And even a runny nose often becomes a serious problem.

Don’t be upset, the means at hand that are absolutely harmless can help you cope with the disease.

A runny nose is the result of an allergic reaction or the effect of microorganisms on the mucous membrane. Finding out the reason on your own is problematic. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor. Only he will prescribe treatment that is harmless to the fetus.

If you can’t go to a clinic, fight the disease yourself, because inaction will do more harm. The same goes for cough treatment.

  1. Inhalations. Inhalations will help quickly deal with germs and eliminate nasal congestion. Breathe in the vapors of boiled potatoes or a soda-based solution. If the smell of eucalyptus does not cause nausea, add a couple of drops of essential oil to boiling water.
  2. Onion drops. Pass the onion through a grater, and squeeze out the juice from the resulting mass, dilute it with water in proportions of 1 to 1 and use a pipette to drip it into your nose. With the help of onion juice, eliminate congestion and overcome the disease, because it contains phytoncides.
  3. Aloe juice. Take an aloe leaf, rinse and squeeze out the juice. Place the resulting liquid in your nose. Aloe will not provide a vasoconstrictor effect, but will speed up recovery.
  4. Warming balm . Apply the ointment to the bridge of the nose and temples. Contains essential oils that make breathing easier. Use warming agents with caution, as there is a risk of intolerance to the components.
  5. Drops. As a last resort, use vasoconstrictor drops. Be sure to consult your doctor and get the opinion of a gynecologist before taking them. Only he will determine the advisability of using medications.

No matter how much inconvenience and discomfort a runny nose may cause, do not use medications for treatment that have not been approved by your doctor. Wrong actions will harm the child. It is also useful to read the article on how to treat tonsils.

Prevention of a runny nose

No matter what remedy you use, remember, a runny nose is a disease caused by infection. For this reason, to avoid self-contamination, which will negatively affect treatment results, it is recommended to use clean handkerchiefs and take measures to protect against secondary contamination.

If it's cold outside, to prevent illness, cut a few cloves of garlic, put them on a plate and leave them indoors. As a result, the room will be filled with phytoncides, which microbes are afraid of. Sniff the garlic through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

If signs of illness appear, breathe in warm, dry air and take a hot foot bath. Drink an infusion of a mixture of herbs: thyme, linden blossom, calendula, raspberry and rosehip.

It’s great if you immediately visit the bathhouse and sweat, and then rub your chest with a mixture of horseradish and radish in equal proportions with the addition of salt and honey. After the bath, drink linden, chamomile or berry tea. Drinking a decoction of raspberries or strawberries helps.

Temper your body. A Russian or Finnish bathhouse will help. Steam with a broom and try to sweat as much as possible.

For people who constantly suffer from a runny nose, I advise you to suck salted water into your nose every day and rinse your sinuses with fermented beetroot broth. Honey inhalations also help to quickly prevent the appearance of a runny nose. Pour a glass of water into the kettle, add four tablespoons of honey, wait for dissolution and bring the liquid to a boil. Place a rubber tube over the kettle spout and carefully inhale the vapor. The method is also suitable for children.

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How to get rid of a runny nose in 1 day: useful tips

How often does a runny nose overtake us at the most inopportune moment? Tomorrow you have an important meeting, interview or serious speech in front of the public, and your nose is running like a stream. In this case, emergency measures are needed to help you get rid of a runny nose in one day.

Allergic runny nose

If the runny nose is allergic in nature, the principle of dealing with it will be fundamentally different from the treatment of a cold. Allergic rhinitis is characterized not only by nasal discharge and swelling of the mucous membrane. If you have an allergy, a person may experience sneezing, watery eyes, redness of the eyelids, and swelling. All this suggests that allergen particles have entered the respiratory tract. In this case, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the irritating factor - throw out the flowers, move away from the animal, protect yourself from dust.

Immediately after this, you need to take an antihistamine, which will help relieve allergy symptoms. This could be Suprastin, Ketotifen, Diazolin, Zodak. Most of these medications begin to act within minutes.

To quickly get rid of allergic rhinitis, you need to rinse. To do this, use warm salted water. Fill a small teapot with water, insert the spout of the teapot into one nostril and turn your head to the side. Water should flow into the nostril at the top and flow out of the one at the bottom. Such manipulations will help you wash away allergen particles, relieve swelling and redness, and get rid of mucus produced.

How to get rid of a cold runny nose

If you are cold, caught in the rain, or have wet feet, you are more likely to get a cold. A person often feels the onset of an illness - he feels dizzy, has an itching in his nose, and a sore throat. In such cases, you need a set of measures that will help you stop the progression of the disease and nip the runny nose in the bud.

  1. Arriving home, you need to immediately take a bath. The water should be as hot as possible. To tolerate higher water temperatures, you need to first immerse yourself in a warm bath and then gradually add hot water. This way you can bring the water temperature up to several degrees. You can add a little salt, essential oils or a drop of “Star” balm to the bath. Mint vapor will quickly clear a stuffy nose and disinfect the respiratory tract.
  2. If you can’t take a bath, you should definitely steam your feet before going to bed. Pour hot water into a basin so that it covers your feet to the ankles. Add a little salt to the water. Add hot water periodically. After 20 minutes of such procedures, the feet should be wiped dry and the feet should be lubricated with melted lamb fat or iodine. These products perfectly warm your feet, which will save you from the onset of a cold.
  3. Put cotton socks on your feet and add some mustard powder to them. Put a wool sock on top. After such manipulations you should go to bed.
  4. Before going to bed, drink a glass of hot milk with honey and lemon, tea with raspberry jam or rosehip decoction.
  5. Cover yourself with a warm blanket that will help you sweat enough.

This is a time-tested method of treating incipient colds and runny nose. Having carried out all these steps, you will wake up in the morning cheerful and healthy, and there will be no trace of your runny nose.

How to quickly get rid of a runny nose

If a runny nose is a long-time guest and you are tired of fighting it, you need to take serious measures to eliminate it. It is quite difficult to get rid of prolonged rhinitis, especially in one day. But this does not mean that the patient’s condition cannot be alleviated. Use vasoconstrictor drops and sprays that act directly on the walls of the mucous membrane, quickly relieve swelling and clear the airways. The person can breathe, talk and work again. However, remember that such drugs are not a cure - they only provide temporary relief. In parallel with them, you need to take treatment for a runny nose. Remember that vasoconstrictor drops and sprays can be addictive, so they should not be used more than 3-4 times a day or longer than five days.

To prevent the nasal mucosa from drying out, you need to moisturize it with oil infusions, for example, Pinosol drops. It is very effective to warm the maxillary sinuses with boiled eggs. Instead of eggs, you can use heated salt. Heat coarse salt in a frying pan and pour it into a handkerchief. Apply the bundle so that it warms both sides of the nose.

It is very effective to inhale the vapors of onions, garlic and horseradish. To prepare a useful medicine, you need to grate these three components and place the prepared pulp in a glass jar. From time to time, open the jar and inhale the healing aromas through your nose. Don’t forget to close the lid tightly after the procedure so that the pungent odor does not dissipate.

It is very important to follow the accompanying conditions that will help you get rid of a runny nose faster. When treating a cold, you need to drink plenty of fluids - a sufficient amount of liquid will more likely wash the virus out of the body. Spend more time outdoors, monitor the humidity in the room. It has been proven that sea and mountain air have a beneficial effect on the body, and above all, on the respiratory system.

Home remedies to cure runny nose quickly

In the collection of folk wisdom there are many tips that will help you quickly and effectively get rid of a runny nose.

  1. Carrots, butter, garlic. Take some vegetable oil and heat it in a water bath to disinfect it. Mix carrot juice, garlic juice and pure oil in equal proportions. Apply the prepared composition into each nostril 2-3 drops several times a day.
  2. Beet. Beetroot juice has long been considered an excellent remedy against rhinitis. However, remember that fresh beet juice should not be dripped into your nose - you can burn the mucous membrane. It must either be diluted with boiled warm water (1:5), or left for a day to ferment.
  3. Onions and olive oil. Grate the onion head and pour in hot olive oil until the oil completely covers the flesh. Leave the mixture for several hours, then strain it. The prepared product can be dripped into the nostrils or lubricated with the nasal mucosa. This is an effective home remedy for even the most serious rhinitis.

Our simple but time-tested recipes will help you cure rhinitis in the shortest possible time. Home remedies are not only truly effective and safe, but their cost is significantly less than most pharmacy products. Plus, they are always at hand.

Getting rid of a runny nose in one day is difficult, almost impossible. After all, getting rid of a runny nose means a complete recovery from a viral disease. However, you can speed up the course of the disease and alleviate its symptoms. Start treatment at the first symptoms of a runny nose, don’t wait for the disease to knock you off your feet!

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The advice is good, but there is no time to prepare it all. Therefore, I rinse my nose with ready-made morenasal. A very cool spray based on calcined salt, it treats a runny nose well and is inexpensive

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