Erespal or stoptussin which is better

Stoptussin - quick relief for coughs

Stoptussin is a combination drug that has a complex antitussive, mucolytic, and expectorant effect. Stoptussin is produced in the Czech Republic by the pharmaceutical company Ivax Pharmaceuticals, which until 1994 was called Galena Pharma and is currently the largest exporter of pharmaceutical products in the Czech Republic. Continue reading “Erespal or Stoptussin, which is better”

What are sinusitis symptoms


Sinusitis is an infectious and inflammatory process affecting the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinuses. May be viral, bacterial, fungal or allergic in nature. General symptoms that characterize the course of sinusitis include increased body temperature, pain in the projection of the paranasal sinuses, difficulty in nasal breathing, and serous-purulent discharge from the nose. Continue reading “What are sinusitis symptoms”